Vintage Rock Drum Loops – Pack 13


• 101 bpm Rock Groove
• Multi Format Option
• Compatible With All DAWs
• 40 Loops Per Mix
• Vintage & Modern Mixes
• Instant Download

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Vintage Rock Drum Loops

‘Vintage Rock Drum Loops’ is the ultimate collection of late 60’s and 70’s rock god beats. Recorded at the legendary Old Smithy Studios in the West Midlands (Robert Plant, Black Sabbath…), ‘Vintage Rock Drum Loops’ pays tribute to local rock drum legends (Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham was born a few miles down the road). Each groove from the series will be available as a separate pack for ultimate flexibility.

Groove 13

This solid straight ahead rocker has a powerful dependable feel. Grooving along at a midrange 101 bpm this beat would fit many different styles from indie to hard rock, incorporating some really nice fills and variations along the way. This set also includes a 16th hi-hat variation for a really nice departure from the straight groove. All in all this is a really nice solid no frills go-to groove.

Demo Tracks

To give you an idea of how you could use Vintage Rock Drum Loops to construct a track, we’ve taken a selection of drum loops and made a drum arrangement (same drum arrangement for both mixes) which we’ve then jammed over with some choice guitar and bass licks. This demonstrates that Vintage Rock Drum Loops are not only great for looping on their own but perfect for creating a whole song arrangement from.

Loop Formats

We’ve made Vintage Rock Drum Loops available in various formats: Apple Loops (Logic Pro, Garageband), Rex2 Loops (Propellerhead Reason, Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, Cockos REAPER, Apple Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, MOTU Digital Performer, MOTU Mach 5) and classic WAV files. The WAV loops are supplied as both 24 bit, 48kHz – the original session format, and 16 bit, 44.1 kHz dithered versions. The Apple and Rex2 loops were converted from 16 bit WAV files and sliced to enable flexible time-stretching. Each format comes with a free Ogg Vorbis compressed version for easy auditioning of the loops.

Multitrack Edition

The ‘Multitrack Edition’ includes separate tracks for each part of the drum kit so that it can be remixed from scratch. The parts are easily imported into your DAW of choice and can be edited and mixed – right from the original raw session files.  We’ve also included a complete set of preview loops in Ogg Vorbis format for fast auditioning.

Two Mix Options

With each loop pack you get the unique option of choosing between two distinctly different mixes. Mix A is based on the Four-mic or ‘Glyn Johns’ method with produces a warm, punchy, intimate yet immediate sound that is classic 70’s rock vibe. Mix B is based on a modern mult-mic setup which has been driven hard to tape and then slammed through a classic vintage Urei 1176 compressor to create a monster drum sound!

Attention To Detail

Great care and attention to detail was taken to recreate the vibe and production of these big bonzo beats. Firstly, the kit used is a classic Ludwig with a Supraphonic 402 snare. Emperor skins were fitted and tuned open to produce lots of resonance. The drums were then miked using two setups. The first setup is often called the ‘Glyn Johns method’ after the famous British engineer/producer who made it popular with bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who. This method uses two specially placed overheads (we used the legendary Beyer M160 ribbon mics) and a close mic on the kick and optionally the snare drum. When mixed, this produces a very lively yet controlled sound that has that unmistakably 70’s vibe. The second setup up is the more familiar modern multi-mic arrangement with spaced pair overheads (U87s), spot mics on all the drums, and a pair of spaced room mics to capture the massive sound of the studio (414s).

The mics were passed through a variety of high end pre-amps including the famous Helios four channel EQ from Ronnie Lane’s mobile recording truck, which was used to record two Led Zeppelin albums, two Bad Company albums, The Who’s “Live at Leeds” and Quadraphenia. Finally the parts were captured in Pro Tools after passing through a rare and fully serviced 3M M79 2” 24 track to give it classic analogue warmth.


  • Classic Ludwig shells, Supraphonic 402 snare, Zildjian & Paiste cymbals
  • Neumann U87, U47 FET, AKG C414, C451B, Beyer M160, Shure SM7, Audix i5, D2, D4,
  • Vintage Helios Pre-amp/EQ, Audient ASP008, Broadhurst Gardens BG1
  • 3M M79 2” 24 Track
  • 1960’s ‘silver face’ & 1970’s ‘black face’ UREI 1176


  • Studio Quality WAV file option in 24 bit, 48kHz & 16 bit, 44.1kHz format
  •  Rex2 & Apple Loop options
  • ’24 bit Multitrack Edition’ option – remix any groove from scratch
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Compatible with all DAWs (Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reaper…)
  • Crash variations and endings for all grooves
  • Vintage & Modern Mix option
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Additional information


Apple Loops, Rex2 Loops, 16 & 24 bit WAV, 24 bit Multitrack Edition

File Size

Rex2: 45MB, Apple: 58MB, WAV: 148MB, Multitrack: 276MB


101 bpm

Number of files

Apple, Rex2 & WAV Mix A: 40 Loops + 38 One Shots Mix B: 40 Loops + 38 One Shots Total: 156 ——————————————- Multitrack Loops: 520 + One Shots: 494 Total: 1,014

Channels in Multitrack Option

Kick – resonant head Kick – distant Snare – top Snare – bottom Hi-hat – top Tom – rack Tom – floor Over-head – left Over-head – right Ribbon – top Ribbon – side Room – left Room – right